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Stamps.com free trial – Is it worth it?

Posted in Finance,The Internet by Micronion on the May 6th, 2008

If you’ve heard of stamps.com then chances are that you’ve also heard of their great risk free trial that includes a bit of free postage, shipping supplies, and a $50 scale. So is it actually free? Yes, but there’s a sneaky catch…

Two months ago I signed up for a stamps.com account and figured I had nothing to lose and at the very least I’d get some free stuff. Sure enough, my account started off with $5 of free postage. Great! I was able to ship an item I had sold on eBay just fine. A few days later my free “stamps.com supply kit” arrived in the mail. This package included one sheet of 2 half page shipping labels, a sheet of odd sized labels, and a sheet of standard 0.41 cent sized labels (all of which could be printed on to from the stamps.com program). After using the software for a while I even bought some additional postage and shipped a few more items using their software.

So what about the scale? Well the scale isn’t actually free.  You need to pay shipping (roughly $6)  and even then it isn’t a great scale because the max weight is 5 lbs AND you need to connect it to your computer to read the weight from within the stamps.com program (forcing you to use their software if you want to use the scale).  I opted out of the “free” scale option. (more…)

Practice stock market investing with play money

Posted in Finance,The Internet by Micronion on the September 18th, 2007

So you’re thinking about investing large sums of money in the stock market but you’re not sure where to start? Before you go any further you should spend at least a month or two investing in a virtual stock market simulator. What’s that you ask (and even if you don’t ask, I’m going to tell you anyways)?

There are websites on the internet that let you invest play money in a simulator that mirrors the real world stock market. It’s exactly like the real stock market except you don’t put any money at risk. So where do you find one of these sites? I recommend you head on over to Investopedia.