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How I saved money on printer ink with $1 cartridges

Posted in Computers & Technology by Micronion on the August 1st, 2012

We already know that printer companies are evil. (Mostly)

I wanted to find a way to print as many full page, full color photos as I pleased but without paying $40 per ink cartridge. I had heard about ink refill kits, and so I tried those.

Ink refill kits worked, but required effort…

I used to have a cheap Canon ip2600 printer which used CL-30 and CL-31 ink cartridges.  Each cartridge was priced at over $30! What an outrage! I ordered a refill kit from eBay for $10. The kit included ink bottles and syringes, along with instructions to punch a hole in my ink cartridges. It took a while, but I was able to refill the ink cartridges. Horray! Cheap printing at last! The single refill kit lasted me about a year and I filled each cartridge at least 10 times. But it required effort. Too much effort. Refilling cartridges was messy, so I needed an alternative to refill kits.

Ink cartridges for wonderful, dirt cheap prices…

I wanted to find a printer that had super cheap ink. And I found one: The Brother MFC J425W.  It turns out that Brother brand printers are designed in such a way that it’s easier for 3rd parties to create ink cartridges for their printers. In fact, you can buy a pack of 12 for $7.29 on Amazon. That’s less than $1 per cartridge, even after shipping!!

And in fact, the best part is that the Brother MFC J524W printer I bought also has more features than any other inkjet printer I’ve seen (Borderless printing, automatic duplex, and scanning/faxing just to name a few).